-As we all know Windows 7 is easiest and full featured Windows Ever

Installation of Windows 7

How to Install Windows 7
How to Install Windows 7

Introduction to Windows 7

-As we all know Windows 7 is easiest and full featured Windows Ever

-Very Smooth GUI(Graphical User Interface)
-Very easy installation
-Most Stable Windows yet
-User's friendly
-Anyhow Microsoft's best Operating System ever and it is very useful and worthy

Without wasting time let's proceed to Installtion of Windows 7

Steps How to Install Windows 7 given below

1. Setting up boot device on the priority
Boot device is a device in which you have the setup of Windows 7 like:- CD/DVD or Pendrive
2.See the picture to go into boot options/settings

3.Boot keys F2 or F10 or F12 are common keys for most of the Desktops/Laptops, but may be different for different Desktop/laptop

4.You can check Boot Key when you Power On your Laptop/Desktop, it shows you company logo.

5. In this logo page it shows you the keys for Setup and Boot Options, look for the keys on logo screen.

6.After Settings up boot device on the 1st priority save settings and reboot.

7. After restart or reboot, you will see press any key to continue. So press any key from keyboard.

8. Windows 7 Step up will start.

9. Watch Complete Installation Steps in Video



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