Are looking for the answer for Question How to Ring and Find Your Smartphone on Silent Mode?Don't Worry Here is simple and working the Solution for you

Are you looking for the answer of a Question "How to Ring and Find Your Smartphone on Silent Mode"?
Here is the Solution for you.

Welcome to "Postdynamic - The Master's World", This is very Interesting topic with the help of this article you can easily Ring and find your smartphone on Silent mode. And you can also Lock your smartphone & erase its data. So let's proceed with article.

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How to Ring and Find your smartphone on Silent Mode?

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But I'm sure you will have no doubt after reading this article. You can learn here only by reading this article completely.

So Lets Start with Requirements

Hardware Requirements
  1. You need a Smartphone that you want to ring on silent mode.

  2. You need a Laptop or Desktop. So that you can access your smartphone.

  3. And the most important is Internet Connectivity. Because the whole procedure is based on Android Device Manager app and website which requires internet to work.

Software Requirements
  1. In this section you need an application for your Smartphone i.e. Android Device Manager. Which is an inbuilt app in android Smartphones you can find it in Phone’s Settings> Security or Privacy Section. If you are unable to find it there you can install it from Play Store by simply searching Android Device Manager.

Now Lets talk about how the whole Procedure works

Okay, as you fulfilled all above the requirements lets start,
  1. Enable Android Device Manager from Phone’s Settings> Security or Privacy Section. If you have installed Android Device Manager from Play Store then open app from its icon.

  2. Remember you should enable/login Android Device Manager app with your real Gmail ID/Google account that is accessible by you only.

  3. Now go to your Laptop or Desktop and open any internet browser

  4. In URL box open/type this link
    And hit enter.

  5. A google login page will open there, now Login with your Gmail ID/Google Account
    (Note: this should be the same id that is logged in your Smartphone's Android Device Manager).

  6. When you will successfully sign in to your account you will see the screen with showing your device (i.e. your Smartphone).
    And with your Smartphone there you will see three options that are: Ring, Lock & Erase. Now let me tell you how these options will work when you will click on them.

Firstly let’s talk about “Ring”
When you click on "Ring" it will ring your Smartphone on full sound volume for continuous 5 Minutes even if your Smartphone is on Silent Mode.
And when you got your Smartphone by following this procedure and it’s still ringing then press Power button or tap/open notification bar to stop the ringtone of your phone.
Second is “Lock”
This feature is helpful when you cannot find your phone or when you cannot hear the ring of your phone(means it is not in your reach or far away from you). So, when you are unable to reach your phone you can lock it by using this feature. So that nobody can use it or open it. That is why, it is very useful feature in case you lost your phone away from your home or office.
Third is “Erase”
You can also use the feature Erase if you are sure or think it has been stolen and phone contains some kind secret information or private data that you do not want to be accessed by any other person. In this case, you can erase all your data from your Smartphone.

So that’s all with this topic “How to Ring and Find Your Smartphone on Silent Mode”. Hope it will help you to find your Smartphone. And let us know how you find this article helpful by commenting your feedback. Thanks for visiting “Postdynamic – The Master’s World” and keep visiting keep learning.
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