In this article we are going to learn that how we can Use Laptop as WiFi HotSpot to use internet on more devices and also to make it use as virtual router

Here is the simple step by step tutorial for how to Use Laptop as WiFi HotSpot.
Welcome to “Postdynamic-The Master’s World”. In this article we are going to learn that how we can use our Laptop as WiFi HotSpot to use internet on more devices and to make it virtual router. We can also use this WiFi HotSpot for many other purposes as per our requirements.

There are many applications or software available on the internet to make/use laptop as WiFi HotSpot device. But I recommend you the software named “Connectify Hotspot” that I think is one of the best software for this purpose.

And in this article we are going to make laptop a WiFi HotSpot with the help of “Connectify Hotspot” software.
This software is available in Pro version and Free version. So it is up to you that you want to use fully featured Pro version or you want to use Free version with less features.
And let me tell you, Free version is also helpful for this purpose but there will be some less features like you will not be able to change the name of the HotSpot will remain like "Connectify-me" and some other limitations will be there in Free version.

So let’s start

How to Use Laptop as WiFi Hotspot?

So first of all lets talk about the requirements that what are things you need to have to proceed with this article or to accomplish this target of using/making your laptop a WiFi HotSpot.


Hardware requirements
  1. A Laptop.
  2. Or a Desktop (PC) with USB WiFi dongle.
Software requirements
  1. Laptop with working WiFi drivers. And if you are using Desktop then USB WiFi dongle drivers are necessary.

  2. The software “Connectify Hotspot”. That you can download by searching on google by simply typing “Connectify hotspot” or from its official website(

Procedure to Make/Turn Laptop into HotSpot

  1. When you complete the above steps, now you need to Install the downloaded "Connectify Hotspot" software.

  2. After Installation you will see a new icon on your Desktop which is Connectify Hotspot.

  3. Double Click on Connectify HotSpot Icon and it will open open the software window.

  4. In this window, you will see various options like HotSpot Name, Password, Internet to share and etc.

  5. If you are using Free version you can not change HotSpot Name, but you can set the password manually that you want to set.

  6. Then select the Internet you want to share over WiFi HotSpot like your Laptop is connected with LAN wire, USB dongle or with WiFi router. You have to Select that working Internet Connection.

  7. After Doing all the settings just click on "Start Services" which is located at the bottom in software window.

  8. It will take some time to start and once it's get started you can easily connected you other devices like smartphone and other laptops or any WiFi supported device to use internet.
So this is quite easy and handy tutorial

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  1. Free for those who cannot afford to have a WiFi router with there broadband connection.
  2. Free for those too who want to extend there router's wireless range without any extra hardware devices like WiFi range extenders.
So this is all about how to use Laptop as WiFi HotSpot. I hope you have learnt something new today. And let us know how you find this article helpful by commenting your feedback. Thanks for visiting “Postdynamic – The Master’s World” and keep visiting keep learning.
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