In this article I have explained how to " Backup Authenticator Apps accounts securely(Google or Any Authenticator App) ". And this is very easy step by step

Hi there, in this article I'm going to explain how to "Backup Authenticator Apps accounts securely(Google or Any Authenticator App)".
And this is very interesting and easy step by step tutorial for you.

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So in this article, the things we gonna catch up are:-
1. Best and Secure Authenticator App.
2. Backup of accounts from Authenticator App.
3. Bonus tip benefit secret key.

So #LetsGoInDetail

Backup Authenticator Apps accounts securely(Google or Any Authenticator App)

First of all if you want to know about Authenticator and Authenticator App check this link:- Authenticator complete step by step guide

So Let's Start.

1. Best and Secure Authenticator App

You may find lots of apps that are claiming to be best or rated best by peoples. But I totally disagree with those peoples and apps.
Because whenever using third-party app we must check whether it is trust worthy or not. Means it's all about our security and privacy.
And never go with the apps which stores your accounts and data on there cloud servers. We do not need to discuss those apps which are not best and secure. Let's discuss the best and secure one.

Google Authenticator is best and secure Authenticator App.

It is Secure because it is by the "Google Inc." that means Google is developer of this app and you can trust Google.
And Reason is quite clear the whole Android operating system of your phone is developed and managed by Google.
If you feel secure with Android operating system you should feel secure with Google's apps.

And it is Best because it has clean UI(User Interface) and easy account setup process. Most important is Google Authenticator do not save your Authenticator accounts and data on its servers. And if in future it starts saving on its servers then also you can feel secure than the other third-party apps.

2. Backup of Accounts from Authenticator App

Well there is no backup option for accounts present in Google Authenticator app. But we need this backup in case of Factory Reset of our smartphone or new software/firmware installation.

Don't worry here is solution for this problem.
While setting-up Authenticator account check this link first how to do Authenticator setup(this setup method is compulsory for backup Authenticator apps accounts securely), and remember bonus tip given below.

3. Bonus tip benefit of secret key

  1. Bonus tip is, copy your Authenticator secret key code.
    -Keep it same as original, don't change any alphabet letter/number to small/capital yourself.
  2. And save that secret key code to secure place either in the form of a document or a text file.
  3. Now whenever you reset or reinstall software of your smartphone. You have to install the Google Authenticator app.
  4. And add your account by secret key code you saved in step "2." under "bonus tip benefit of secret key".
The benefit is that, as you have secret key. So you can setup Authenticator of same account in Multiple devices and the codes on every devices will remain same.

You can also setup Authenticator on Laptop/Desktop read this :- how to setup Authenticator on Laptop/Desktop(you must read this article for extra security)

So this is end of article "Backup Authenticator Apps accounts securely(Google or Any Authenticator App)" and this is best, free and easiest way to backup without any extra backup app.

If you have many accounts already added in your Authenticator app then use Titanium Backup app. But I must say the method I told you is the best method(you can re-add all accounts with my method easily). Finally choice is your.

I hope this is very helpful article for you and you have learnt something new today.

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