Become WhatsApp beta user to access the latest features of whatsapp before it comes to normal whatsapp is step by step guide for you.

In this article I am going to tell you that How to "Become WhatsApp beta User officially". First of all let me tell you becoming a WhatsApp beta user means that you are becoming a WhatsApp developer. And you will access all new features in your WhatsApp before they go public. Becoming a WhatsApp  beta user also means that you are becoming a WhatsApp tester. And it allows you to send your feedback about new features directly to the developer.

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So #LetsGoInDetail

Become WhatsApp beta User Officially

First of all you need internet connectivity so that you can access Google Play Store. From where you will become WhatApp beta User. So connect your internet it may be with WiFi or with your mobile data plan. After that open Google Play Store with Gmail id logged in. Now simply type WhatsApp in the search bar. It will show WhatsApp icon open that and it will show the option of Install if you have not installed it.

Now before installing WhatsApp you have to do a little bit of work to become WhatApp beta user. And if you have already installed WhatsApp don't worry you do not have to uninstall this.  So firstly scroll down to the bottom of screen.
There you will see a box in which "Become a beta tester" is written along with description.
Like "Try new features before they're made public. Give your feedback directly to the developer".
And you will see two options there "Find out  more" & "I'M IN". Tap on "Find out more" only if you wanna go on WhatsApp's official website & read some terms and conditions. If not interested in Terms & Conditions Tap on "I'M In".

After taping on "I'M In" a pop up message will appear. Which will ask you about that you really wanna Join beta programme or not. Because some features in beta versions may be unstable. Don't Care about that just tap on "Join".

After that Beta Sign Up Progress will start. And in a few minutes you will become WhatsApp beta user. After becoming beta user you will see option to update your WhatsApp. Tap on that and update it to access new features. In Case you do not have installed WhatsApp before. Then you will see the option of Install(instead of update). Tap on that and install WhatsApp beta version to access new and testing features of WhatsApp.

Another Way

Open this link in chrome and login with your google play store gmail ID
After joining WhatsApp beta programme you may receive 2-3 or more updates within a week. Because WhatsApp keeps trying new features in short intervals.
And if you wanna leave WhatsApp beta programme then you will have to tap on leave button and uninstall. And after that you can install a normal WhatsApp version.

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