Daily new Coronavirus important information and rumors that are spreading and coming out, creates confusion and panic in our life and environment

Coronavirus is undoubtedly the most dangerous viral disease today and whole world in suffering from coronavirus.
Daily new Coronavirus important information and rumors that are spreading and coming out, creates confusion as well as panic in our life and environment. We will try to go through everything on coronavirus until now and find out confirmation and rumors.

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Coronavirus Important information and rumors

A virus that started from China and spread-ed very fast in China. As it is transferred from person to person and initial behavior is just like normal flu and cough, it appears too late to understand that it is new type of coronavirus. Which is now named as COVID-19 by WHO.
The whole world is still unable to find its Antidote vaccine.
And the number of infected people are increasing very fast. As its major attack on lungs in human body, more than 20,000 people already lost their lives and more than 3.5Lac people are infected with coronavirus.

Coronavirus COVID-19
Coronavirus type - COVID-19(Image Credits:- This image is taken as reference image for coronavirus from WHO's official website.)

Mediums of Spreading

Coronavirus is spreading very fast because it survives in various conditions.
It can spread by
  • Human to human
  • It remains alive in human body
  • It can also survive outside human body that outer surface.
  • Like skin, clothes, plastic, metal and also it is found that it  survives in air for around 8 hours.
As there are multiple ways of its spreading. You must be strict to cautions.


To keep yourself safe there are some measures and rules that you need to implement in your lifestyle as of now.
  • Wash your hands properly
  • Use hands sanitiser to kill infection and bacterias.
  • Social Distancing and maintain 1.5 to 2 meter distance when talking to someone in person.
  • Use face mask to cover your mouth and prevent coronavirus infection
  • Avoid unnecessary travelling and Stay home as much as possible.
  • If you got some essential goods from market. Keep them 12-24 hours on side alone. So that, if it has coronavirus on its surface will die automatically. While after purchasing don't forget to wash your hands properly.


  • If you found yourself having any kind of flu or cough, keep yourself isolated from your family and friends.
  • If your flu is not normal and you feel some other symptoms like cough, headache and uncomfort in breathing for more than 3-4 days. Immediately consult with your doctor. 


Don't panic for being tested for coronavirus, because on early stage you can be treated and recovered.
As there is no confirmed vaccine available for coronavirus. People are still recovering from this disease. Yes, it is true that one can recover from coronavirus. 
Because it is found that people with strong immune system have recovered and are reported coronavirus negative.
It's mortality rate in China is 3%. And according to research and study data available about Coronavirus, it came out that the kids and elders above 50+ age are on high risk category for being recovered.
Take diet supplements to boost your immune system to fight coronavirus until the researchers and doctors found perfect vaccine as a solution to this disease.


As it is world of social media there are lot of benefits and demerits of social media.
Yes you got latest news in seconds but it is also true that fake and rumors also spreaded in same speed.
Because when you trust some social platform or you are habitual to get updates from social platform, you can be trapped in rumors if you are not a cross checker or habitual  of secondary option.

So with coronavirus there are many viral videos and messages that are claiming to have cure for coronavirus, because they don't show you any proof of something for which those can be considered.
And if any vaccine or cure is available then the world will use it.

Be wise, do cross check and till then follow precaution.

Official Websites links

To check live coronavirus COVID-19 updates

  1. India's own official web portal to check coronavirus COVID-19 updates, where you can see data state wise Link:-  www.covid19india.org
  2. To check data of all countries check this link:-www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

So this is all about Coronavirus Important information and rumors.

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