India soon to start new COVID-19 Serological Tests which may help in break the chain of newly spread coronavirus (COVID-19). So what you need to know

India soon to start new COVID-19 Serological Tests which may help in break the chain of newly spread coronavirus (COVID-19). So what you need to know about this test is discussed in this article.

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COVID-19 Serological Test which is coming to India to tackle the newly spread Coronavirus (declared as global pandemic).


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Break The Chain - COVID-19 Serological Tests Coming to India
Break The Chain - COVID-19 Serological Tests Coming to India
As you all know about the recently spread virus COVID-19 which is being declared as a global pandemic. The outbreak of the virus is first occurred in China and then to rest of the world. WHO declared this newly spread virus as global pandemic and to combat this virus many researchers are being teamed-up. This newly spread virus is named as COVID-19 because it first appeared in December 2019. The furthermore information about this virus is provided in our previous article.

COVID-19 Serological Tests

Serological Test is an Antibody test which looks for antibodies in the blood, it is different from the current, diagnostic tests that determine active infection through nasal or throat swabs. These tests are firstly conducted in South Korea and now India is also looking forward to adopt the same. The Serological Test will not determine whether the person is being positive or not for the coronavirus.
It will help in determining two crucial aspects about the virus i.e.
  • whether the person came in contact with person or thing infected with coronavirus.
  • If yes, then whether he/she will have to go through COVID-19 test or not.
If there is no need to go through the coronavirus test then just for the precautions purpose he/she will have to remain under quarantine for a period of 14 days.

How will it be helpful to break the chain of COVID-19?

As the Serological Test is a screening test and the report of this test comes in few hours. It will help in separating the infected and disinfected people of the COVID-19. As the people can be ascertained (at initial stage) whom to be diagnosed, it will help to reduce the chaos among people. And it will also help medical staff and doctors to determine whom to be given priority for the further treatment accordingly.
There is another fact, why we are assuming it as a chain breaker to COVID-19 because in South Korea (where these tests are firstly conducted) there was a sudden outbreak of this virus occurred few days back. There was a rapid pace in number of cases of persons infected with virus in South Korea. The number of infected persons reached near 7k very quickly. But after they started the Serological Tests they managed to slow down the spread of this COVID-19 virus. As per data after crossing 7k, the number of new cases in South Korea are very low as compared to other countries which is around 9500 until now.
So, it may help to break the chain of spreading COVID-19 at such a rapid pace.

For the same, ICMR(Indian Council of Medical Research) has brought few kits in India and further they will bring more COVID-19 Serological Test kits in near future.

So this is all about COVID-19 Serological Tests Coming to Indias.

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