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Hello there, first of all this article is all about Authenticator-setup, use, features(complete guide).
And this is going to be a very useful and knowledgeable article for you. So, be ready to read completely.

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Before start, let's have a overview of Authenticator and about its setup, use and features.


First of All,
What is Authenticator ? its use and features?

-Authenticator is advance layer of security for our online accounts(like bank accounts, social accounts and other websites accounts). It is part of you can say either Second-factor Authentication or two-step verification or 2nd-step verification. Means whatever name the websites gives to their second layer of security.
-It is alternative of Text/call OTP system.
-Which helps you to generate OTP codes and approval codes offline, So that if you are in a situation where you can not receive calls and text messages. But you have already setup Authenticator, so you can generate OTP offline without networks.
-And It generates OTP codes randomly after fix interval either timer base or counter base.

-Website's Official or Third-party Authenticator App-You can download Authenticator App either from google's play store or any respective app store available in your smartphone/device.
-I will suggest you to download Google Authenticator app because it's very secure and easy to use.

So Authenticator is very quick, convenient and useful method for OTP verification.
Because by this method you do not have to wait for text/call to arrive on you phone.

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How to do AuthenTicator-Setup

  1. First of all for Authenticator Setup you need to login into the website account, where you want to enable Authenticator.
  2. And then goto the account security options where either your Second-factor Authentication or two-step verification or 2nd-step verification(whatever website names it).
  3. Now look for Authenticator-setup option and follow the procedure they show you on screen.
  4. And there are only two methods for Authenticator Setup, QR-code scan and secret key("Tip:-secret key option is usually appears when you click on "Can't scan/verify QR-code").
  5. Open the Authenticator App in your smartphone and tap on "+ icon button" or add new account from option.
  6. Finally then it will ask you either scan QR-code or enter secret key(which is showing on your website screen).
  7. I will suggest you to go with enter secret key option(Also check this link:- Benefits of setting up Authenticator with secret key).
  8. And when you will copy and enter the secret key in your Authenticator App either on smartphone or on laptop/desktop/any supported device, It will generate a code.
  9. So you need to enter the code on website's verification box showing with/below the secret key.
  10. And after verification you have successfully setup the Authenticator for login OTP/approval codes.
So this is the end of article "Authenticator-setup, use, features(complete guide)".

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