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Hello there, Welcome to "Postdynamic - The Master's World". This article is about "Future gadget's display that could use only 1% battery per day".

Well, this is going to be insane. Because the researchers are really working hard on battery life of gadgets(such as smartphones, laptops etc).

First of all let me explain you how is this possible.
Because we all know, smartphone's display consumes maximum battery as compare to its other hardware components.

There are lots of apps available to check battery stats of your smartphone.
So you can also check your smartphone battery stats and result will show to Display/Screen as maximum battery consumer.
But if I'm talking about "Future gadget's display that could use only 1% battery per day". So this is really a great invention for gadget's(such as smartphones and laptops) era.

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So let's come to the main point how is this being possible?

A professor in oxford university who is working on it, has just found the another type of display. Which is made of material used for making DVD or CD discs.
He claims that Future gadget's display that could use only 1% battery per day.
In an experiment, he remains successful to archive his goal and the display works really well.
Because it is in testing stage yet. So the results came out of test are really more shocking.
Because along with less battery consumption, it also features better visibility of display in sunlight than the existing displays.
If you are outdoor under sunlight, still your smartphone's screen will remain 100% visible to you. So there will be no need to adjustment any brightness.

Effect of Future gadget's display that could use only 1% battery per day

First of all it is completely going to be a game changer in gadget's(such as smartphones and laptops) era.
Because it is under testing yet, so it may take approximately 1-2  years to be part of gadget's life.
One more thing to look for in this invention is its touch screen efficiency and accuracy because it's completely a different concept with different material. Well this is not a big issue, there will be a solution for it after every test they will reveal this project for public use.

So yet this is all about only it's effects and possible use. Let us have a quick look at its possible pros and cons. Well according to our opinion general pros and cons are in the list below.


  1. Definitely best battery life and performance.
  2. Best display/screen visibility.
  3. Material requires for its making is low cost so it will save money that mean cheaper than existing, which will effect in decrease in gadget's price.(Purchasing new smartphone ?? you must check this guide)
  4. Another step for go green.
  5. And more will be seen as it comes in our gadget's.

No cons information yet. Because this display technology is still not out in the market. So we can not make any guess of cons without any logic.

So finally, that is the end of article "Future gadget's display that could use only 1% battery per day" and I hope you are liking our tech info articles and other stuff available on this website.

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