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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 will be a triple camera flip smartphone with large front display. As per a patent spotted by Let’s Go Digital, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will be getting some significant upgrades, which can make it even more popular than Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 2 coming with Triple Camera setup, Large Front Display
Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 2- Triple Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Earlier this year i.e. in Feb 2020, we witnessed Samsung's second foldable smartphone named as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The first Samsung Galaxy Fold was't success because of its display issues and thereafter the company had to recall its pre-production units. But this time, the design and concept of flip smartphone was appreciated by many as the lid can be kept open at pretty much any angle, up to 180 degrees. The device also faced criticism over its durability but was still able to maintain the sale momentum. After the success of its Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung is now working on Galaxy Z Flip 2.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 will be getting some significant upgrades which can make it even more popular than Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. As per the patent spotted by Let's Go Digital, the new device will have triple camera setup.
The patent shows the two designs with different camera alignments.

  • The first design looks similar to Galaxy Z Flip's design. The addition of another camera sensor has narrowed the space between the camera module and 1.1-inch back cover display.
  • The second design, on the other hand, is slightly different and allows the smartphone not to compromise the space because of the addition of third camera as the cameras are aligned vertically with LED flash light adjacent to the cameraIn-fact the vertical camera setup will be helpful in maximizing the 1.1-inch back cover display as use can see in the image below.

Note- A patent filing is no confirmation that Samsung will actually go ahead with this design as the handset will presumably be launched in February next year. So, its too early to say anything with certainty.

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