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Hi there, in this article I'm going to explain a very useful topic related to software and its installation. In which, I will talk about "Portable software benefits over normal software | Portable software fully explained".

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Before we start with benefits, it is necessary to explain to the basic difference between normal software and portable software.

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Portable software benefits over normal software | Portable software fully explained

So the differences are given below
1. Normal Software
Normal software is software which is mostly in a setup package and requires installation. And during its installation, the installation directory is created in operating system drive i.e. the drive where the operating system installed.
And after installation of software you can not move it's files or software to another drive or location. Because doing this may result in either damage of software files or software will not work.
Therefore it will remain limited to use on that drive and system, where we install it.

As an example you have Google Chrome browser which is installed in C: drive. So you can not move it to other drive or location. If you do so, it will not work.
2. Portable Software

Portable software is software which do not require any installation to work. It may be present in the "zip" file or any compression format, which is easy to move from one place to another place. It can also be a directory containing all sub-directories and software files.
And it can run directly from any drive,folder and USB drive without any problem.

You can move it easily from existing drive to any drive.

Portable software benefits over Normal software

There are many "Portable software benefits over Normal software". Let's have quick look on main benefits.

  1. First and major benefit is Portable software don't require any installation.
  2. As it is portable, so you can easily carry it in you external drives like PEN drives.
  3. Private and personal data savior in some cases like :- Corrupt or damage Windows. Which requires new fresh installation of Windows that means it will delete all the software and data(which may be images, login username and passwords in browsers).
    But if you are using Portable software, which is in other drive than of Windows/Operating System drive. That means no issue for you and your data.
  4. You can run portable software where you have no authority to install any software without administrator permissions or privileges. This happens mostly in office computer systems. :-)
And more benefits you can enjoy with Portable software.

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As we have discuss benefits, there are some "cons" also for Portable software.
  1. You need to update it manually.
  2. Portable software file size is larger than the Normal software, when you will download it.
  3. Every Normal software's portable software is not available.
Well these are not really considerable cons.
How can I get/download Portable software?
-Well it is true that every official website of a particular software, do not provide Portable software versions. Most of them only provide Normal software setup.
-But still you can download Portable software versions from some other third-party websites like open source project websites.
-All you need to do is just search like this "ABC portable". Where ABC is name of your software.

Finally, this the end of article "Portable software benefits over normal software installation | Portable software fully explained"

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