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TikTok faced multiple controversies in the recent days. TikTok app ratings on Google Play Store improving after huge fall. What is the matter and why all this happening?

Hello and Welcome to "Postdynamic - The Master's World". Today's article is about TikTok App ratings and controversies - happening in India from past few days.

TikTok Ratings and Controversies - What's happened so far
TikTok Ratings and Controversies - What's happened so far
TikTok is a fun making app which allows its users to create short videos and capture funny and memorable moments. The app is having over 1 billion downloads and is being widely used. However from last few days, the app facing many criticism in India.

TikTok App Controversies

The TikTok App is facing so much of criticism because of the recent developments like 'YouTube vs TikTok - The End' YouTube roast video, acid attacks on women glorifying video on TikTok and some anti-China sentiment has been growing with the spread of COVID-19.
The main propelling reason for down ratings of TikTok app is the removal of YouTube vs TikTok roast video by Ajey Nagar on his YouTube channel "CarryMinati". YouTubers and TikTok creators were arguing on which is better platform between YouTube and Tiktok. The argument received a boost after "YouTube vs TikTok - The End" video by YouTuber Ajey Nagar. In that video he roasted TikTok creators especially Amir Siddique, who was defending TikTok and opposing YouTube through his short videos on the platform.
TikTok Ratings and Controversies - What's happened so far
TikTok Ratings and Controversies - What's happened so far
The video posted by Nagar, in no time, broke many records on YouTube like Most liked non-musical Indian video, fastest video to get millions of like and many more. But the video was removed by the YouTube for "violating terms of service" and no specific reason was given by the YouTube on deletion of the video. The fans of Ajey Nagar started acting against TikTok by giving one star rating to the app on play-store.
While this issue was still going on, the brother of Amir Siddique, Faizal Siddique published a new controversial video on his TikTok account. The video was promoting the Acid attacks on Women. This new video proved to be 'pouring fuel on the fire'. And the people in India started using hashtag #bantiktok on twitter.

TikTok App's Ratings

The impact of the public outrage was seen chiefly on Google Play Store as the TikTok rating there dropped from 4.5 to 1.2 stars. However, Google started removing the negative reviews and ratings that people left for TikTok, citing the rules against posting the same review multiple times or from multiple accounts, and rules against posting reviews with an aim of manipulating an apps rating.
And after removing 2 to 3 million reviews, the TikTok ratings improved to 1.5 stars from 1.2 stars. At the time of writing this article, the TikTok app ratings on Google Play Store are 1.4 stars with 21 million reviews.
Let's see where all this will end up as the YouTuber Ajey Nagar soon to upload a new YouTube video named "Yalgar - Hamari Kahani".

So, this is all about - TikTok Ratings and Controversies - What's happened so far.
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