It very interesting article and after reading difference between features vs technical specifications you will be able to chose gadgets more smartly

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In this article we are going to learn difference between features vs technical specifications.

As we all know that the gadgets are on peak in 21st century.
Daily new inventions are replacing the older technology.
So that is why we need be more smart as much as we can be.

By every 3rd or 4th month we upgrade our gadgets or devices or our most popular needs like smartphones.
Because they are getting outdated with newer ones.
So that we can be up-to-date with technology.

So to choose best gadget or smartphone, what we look for first of all?
Answer is definitely "Specifications" of the it.

And the term "Specifications" is not a single type.
There are of many types like for example I'll share with your some informative explanation about difference between features vs technical specifications.

So it is going to be very interesting and after reading this article you will be able to chose gadgets more smartly and best among the competitors.

So #LetsGoInDetail

Difference between features vs technical specifications

Before Proceeding, let's have a quick look on both terms "features specifications" and "technical specifications".

So What are features specifications?

Mostly the specification we check for new smartphones or gadgets are only features specifications.

For example:-
First of all let me explain features.
Features of a smartphone or gadgets are what it has in it.
Like front camera and back, proximity sensor, RAM, ROM(Internal Memory/Inbuilt Storage), operating system, SIM card support, support for expandable memory, connectivity available(like 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and NFC) and LED flash light.

Now it's time to explain feature specificationsAs of now while you know the basic things like features(explained above).
You will try to find the maximum availability of these features in your gadget.
And you start checking specifications of the features like for example :- The gadget has RAM of 1GB or 2GB, amount of ROM/inbuilt storage(like 4GB or 8GB) and Single SIM or Dual SIM card support.
So what are you doing here, is just checking features specifications.

So these are features and features specifications.As much as you know these before purchasing any gadget will makes you smart.

But as being smart only is not enough in today's world. You need to be smarter.
So for that we will proceeding to technical specifications.

So What are technical specifications?

Technical specifications are the next level of features Specifications.
So it simply means going in-depth of features specifications.

Let me explain these technical specifications with some easy examples.
For example:- A smartphone has all the features available that I need in my phone.
But what are the limitations it has in its features.
So to know this I have to check it's technical specifications.

Like:- I'm explaining few terms one by one.
  1. Operating system:-Before purchasing its feature specifications shows the smartphone has android operating system.
    But which version of android(4.4, 5.0, 6.0 , 7.0,) is so called technical specification.
    So obviously I need the latest version. Which I can check by asking for its technical specifications.

  2. 4G smartphone:-
    Features said its 4G smartphone.
    But if it dual SIM then both SIM slots are 4G or only one SIM slot offer 4G support.
    And further more what bands of 4G this will support.
    Like your SIM operator provides 4G over band 40.
    But the smartphone you are going to purchase is having only band 5 support.
    So as a result 4G service will not work on your smartphone with your existing SIM operator.

You may be wonder to know when we travel from one to another country. Some smartphones network doesn't work.
Because every country has different bandwidth protocols for their service providers.
Like if GSM band in India is 800/900, it will be differ in Australia like 1200/1300.

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So whenever you are planing to purchase new smartphone.
Do compare competitors smartphone with their technical specifications instead of feature specifications.

So this is end of the article difference between features vs technical specifications.

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